Bathroom Stripouts

GDC Tile Removal Specialize in Bathroom Strip-outs, removing all fixtures and fittings with great precision.

Whether it is a full strip-out or partial removal of single items or just simply the tiles removed, GDC will provide the same level of skill, advice and professional service for all your bathroom and laundry requirements.

Wet areas in bathrooms and laundry’s are generally built with a recess within the concrete subfloor to allow for tapering of screeds for drainage and falls. When removing the tiles from these areas, in some cases the screeds can be saved, however for best results a new screed or bed should be applied.

When removing wall tiles from your brick render, often from the vibration of removing the tile, the render may weaken or be damaged and may need to be removed along with the tile. Tiles removed from your bathroom or laundry, set on cement sheeting or gyprock, can be removed, however, sometimes the sheeting is impossible to save due mainly to how and what type of adhesives were used in the installation of the wall tiles.

Prior to work being carried out, the isolation of amenities such as water and electricity should be considered. A licensed plumber and/or electrician must carry out all isolations.